Future of Arabic Styled Streetwear

Future of Arabic Styled Streetwear


Naeem Clothing and it's Future in Street Wear Design   We're only getting started 

Recently, a huge rise in Arabic culture has been increasingly used in some of the most popular artists and clothing brands from Nike to Drake. Arabic phrases and one liners most popularly used by Drake in his song, "Headie One x Drake - Only You Freestyle", gives rise to an Arabic revolution we intend to take part in. 



Naeem Clothing and it's grand opening release, "The Bliss Collection" almost sold out in the first week. With it's success, the founders of the company Ziad Kedkad and Layth Abu, stated only a week after their grand opening,

"We are only getting started. We envision the company to become a worlds first in combining Arab culture with trending street fashion."

The founders hinted at a new collection incorporating new Arabic themes and designs on a hoodie to keep you warm during the cold season of winter. Keep a look out on updates and behind the scenes on their Instagram. 

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